Recycled wooden planter from 13,5-21cm

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Size: 13.5cm
Colour: Cream

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In Blaine we know that the environment is something that you also care about and that's why we have added to our catalogue, the sustainable pot embellisher par excellence.

River is made of recycled wood although you will have your doubts when you have it in your hands; up close it looks like recycled plastic, from a distance it looks like ceramic.

We have a catalogue of pots made from sustainable materials for lovers of minimalist trends, the minimum expression for a delicate and perfect finish for all your plants. The best thing? If you get tired of using it as a pot embellisher, you can find many more uses for it.

Made in four different sizes: 13,5cm, 15,5cm, 18cm and 21cm.

We recommend its use indoors.


*In some cases, the images and colours are merely indicative. The measurements are always approximate to those shown in the product description, as they depend on how the plant and leaves open. To know the size your plant will have we mark it in centimetres and they are taken from the bottom base of the pot to the longest/heighest end of the plant.

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13,5cm | 15,5cm | 18cm | 21cm


11cm | 13,5cm | 15,5cm | 18,5cm

Without Care

We work with the best materials. Products in latex, silk, silicone, recyclable plastic and fabrics. We achieve hyper-realistic textures and colours.


Professional team of florists and designers. We design long-lasting artificial plants and bouquets with you and your needs in mind.


Use of recyclable and natural materials in the design of our plants. Circular economy model that takes care of the environment.

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