How to maintain your artificial plant?

¿Cómo hacer el mantenimiento de tu planta artificial?


Caring for artificial plants is a simple and easy process. However, it is important to follow certain steps to keep them looking beautiful and natural for a long time. Here are some tips for maintenance:

1. Regular cleaning: It is important to know that all plants can be cleaned with a soft cloth to remove accumulated dust and dirt. You can use a soft damp cloth.

2. Plants that are not suitable for outdoor use should be protected from direct sunlight.

3. Avoid exposure to humidity: As some of the products contain natural materials to make them more sustainable, it is preferable to avoid placing them in rooms that accumulate a lot of humidity. We recommend decorating with products that are 100% made from recycled materials in these cases.

In general, with a little care and following the above tips, you can keep your artificial plants in perfect condition.

Need some advice?

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