Welcome to the revolution of our artificial plants

In a world where awareness of environmental issues and the preservation of our natural resources is growing, the search for sustainable alternatives is becoming essential and we at Blaine are committed to meeting this challenge head on, from the choice of environmentally friendly materials to the adoption of responsible manufacturing practices. Our aim is to offer aesthetically appealing products and, at the same time, ensure that they are environmentally friendly at all stages of their life cycle.


3 years ago we became aware of the growing demand for plants in the home, but many people faced obstacles due to lack of knowledge about care or time constraints. We recognised a need that we had to address from a sustainable perspective. The only way to do this was to make our own product.

STOP single-use plastics

We selected quality materials to ensure the durability and long life of our product.

We use natural logs

Sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests, certified by recognised bodies such as PEFC or FSC. These certificates guarantee that our raw materials come from responsible sources and are not associated with conflicting activities.

We reuse logs

Our business model is designed to allow customers to return plants to us when they no longer want them. This allows us to reuse the plant trunks, thus reducing the need for new resources and recycling the remaining materials.


In our manufacturing process, sustainability is a priority at every stage. So far, we have implemented a number of noteworthy sustainable practices

Sustainable packaging and securing

We protect and secure our products in a sustainable way. We use 100% recycled plastic circular bags for packaging and recycled plastic tape to ensure perfect reception, thus contributing to the reuse of the planet's existing plastic.

Cardboard recycling

We have a recycling machine to reuse the cardboard we receive. This recycled resource is used to fill our boxes, thus ensuring the stability of the products during transport.

Zero paper transition

We are committed to completely eliminate paper printing in our processes. We are actively digitising all our processes and we are getting closer and closer to reaching this 100% target.

Waste management

Despite our efforts, we generate some waste that cannot be recycled. For this reason, we have contracted the services of a company specialising in waste management, Gómez-Barea,s.a., to ensure its correct recycling. We continue to look for new ways to reduce this waste and improve our environmental management.


Through EcoCart, our carbon offsetting solution. With a simple click, you can offset the environmental impact of your order directly at checkout.90% of funds donated through EcoCart go to the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, a charity dedicated to replanting native tree species in the northern wheat belt of south-western Australia. This region has lost more than 90% of its native species over the last century due to logging. Replanting this biodiverse ecosystem helps to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and restore a thriving landscape.We calculate the carbon footprint of your order in real time, taking into account variables such as shipping distance, package weight and product type. With this information, you can make informed decisions to mitigate the environmental impact of your purchase.


Join our initiative to clean up the oceans. Our goal: to remove 1000 kg of plastic by 2024 off the coast of Tanzania, where the need is urgent and resources are limited. As well as eliminating waste, we provide employment and economic opportunities for local communities. Every piece of plastic removed from the sea is a step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Remove 1000 kg of plastic by 2024

3000 trees

Replant 3000 trees by 2024