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Ficus BicolorFicus Bicolor

Artificial plant 150cm-180cm with plastic pot

Sale priceFrom €52,84 Regular price€85,13
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Exclusive BambooExclusive Bamboo

Artificial plant 180cm

Sale price€99,99 Regular price€127,46
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Strelitzia TreeStrelitzia Tree

Artificial plant 180cm

Sale price€223,20 Regular price€270,13
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Oriental DracenaOriental Dracena

Artificial Plant 120cm

Sale price€114,99 Regular price€137,21
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Gramineae ExclusiveGramineae Exclusive

Gramineae plant 172cm

Sale price€184,99 Regular price€227,10
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Ficus 3 CupsFicus 3 Cups

Artificial plant 180cm

Sale price€126,81 Regular price€162,10
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Ficus WildFicus Wild

Artificial plant 100cm-180cm

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Strelitzia flowerStrelitzia flower

Artificial plant 135cm

Sale price€133,30 Regular price€175,10
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Phoenix Palm TreePhoenix Palm Tree

Artificial plant 170cm

Sale price€179,99 Regular price€220,01
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Aloe VeraAloe Vera

Artificial plant 55cm

Sale price€74,62 Regular price€117,59
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Tuya Hedge Tuya Hedge

Artificial plant 75cm

Sale price€44,99 Regular price€79,99
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Olive Tree ExclusiveOlive Tree Exclusive

Artificial plant 160cm

Sale price€321,00 Regular price€399,99
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Cyca Palm TreeCyca Palm Tree

Artificial plant 68cm

Sale price€118,99 Regular price€133,42
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White AlmondWhite Almond

Artificial plant 60cm-180cm

Sale priceFrom €49,73 Regular price€71,04
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Ficus ElasticaFicus Elastica

Artificial plant 130cm

Sale price€124,99 Regular price€165,81
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Klein Palm treeKlein Palm tree

Artificial plant 90cm

Sale price€59,99 Regular price€70,09
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Artificial plant 100cm

Sale price€149,99 Regular price€176,14
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Fern BrownFern Brown

Artificial plant 40cm

Sale price€14,99 Regular price€20,92
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Dracaena Tropical XLDracaena Tropical XL

Artificial plant 130cm

Sale price€163,99 Regular price€234,26
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Tropical DracaenaTropical Dracaena

Artificial plant 80cm

Sale price€56,99 Regular price€64,91
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Ficus with Two CanopiesFicus with Two Canopies

Artificial plant 100cm-180cm

Sale price€112,11 Regular price€133,21
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Fern RedFern Red

Artificial plant 40cm

Sale price€14,99 Regular price€20,92
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Areca Klein Palm tree XLAreca Klein Palm tree XL

Artificial plant 130cm

Sale price€119,99 Regular price€144,81
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Artificial plant 150cm

Sale price€310,63 Regular price€421,20
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Tropical Palm Tree XLTropical Palm Tree XL

Artificial plant 190cm

Sale price€299,99 Regular price€377,69
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Tropical Palm TreeTropical Palm Tree

Artificial plant 170cm

Sale price€249,99 Regular price€307,47
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Fern GreyFern Grey

Artificial plant 40cm

Sale price€14,64 Regular price€20,92