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Artificial plant 60cm

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Wicker pot 23cm

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Moss 75grMoss 75gr

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Artificial plant 120cm-230cm

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Artificial plant 40cm

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Ivy Bush novaIvy Bush nova

Artificial Hanging Plant 86cm

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Areca Palm treeAreca Palm tree

Artificial plant 68-130cm

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Recycled Wooden Pot 18.8cm

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Monstera MiniMonstera Mini

Artificial plant 38 cm

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Artificial plant 125cm-220cm

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Artificial plant 27cm

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Hanging TradescantiaHanging Tradescantia

Artificial Hanging Plant 45cm

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Chicago IvyChicago Ivy

Artificial Hanging Plant 100cm

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Cinta clorofitoCinta clorofito

Artificial plant 30cm

Sale price€19,99 Regular price€27,32
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Ficus LyrataFicus Lyrata

Artificial plant 140cm

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Dieffenbachia GreenDieffenbachia Green

Artificial plant 40cm

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Recycled wooden planter 13,4-25cm

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Monstera DeliciosaMonstera Deliciosa

60cm artificial plant

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Artificial plant 40cm

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Artificial hanging plant 60cm

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Artificial plant 46cm

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Fosted Chicago IvyFosted Chicago Ivy

Artificial Hanging Plant 86cm

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Artificial plant 35cm

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Mini fernMini fern

Artificial plant 25cm

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Dieffenbachia CamilaDieffenbachia Camila

Artificial plant 40cm

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Singonio VariegataSingonio Variegata

Artificial plant 19,5cm

Sale price€20,99 Regular price€28,23
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Artificial plant 32cm

Sale price€29,49 Regular price€49,16
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Yucca FitYucca Fit

Artificial plant 150cm

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Artificial plant 70cm

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Sale price€14,99 Regular price€21,95
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Dieffenbachia VariegataDieffenbachia Variegata

Artificial plant 120cm

Sale price€149,99 Regular price€398,19
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Monstera ExclusiveMonstera Exclusive

Artificial plant 115cm

Sale price€125,99 Regular price€175,16
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Artificial plant 185cm

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Banana treeBanana tree

Artificial plant 180cm

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Mini White Rose BushMini White Rose Bush

Artificial plant 27cm

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Croton miniCroton mini

Artificial plant 30cm

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Banana with SupportBanana with Support

Artificial plant 45cm

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Ceramic orchidCeramic orchid

Artificial orchid 44cm

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Mini pink rose bushMini pink rose bush

Artificial plant 27cm

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Gramineae XLGramineae XL

Gramineae Plant 75cm

Sale price€134,99 Regular price€192,94
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Monstera Tutor ExclusiveMonstera Tutor Exclusive

Artificial plant 160cm-190cm

Sale priceFrom €236,10 Regular price€299,99
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Kentia Palm TreeKentia Palm Tree

Artificial plant 180cm

Sale price€229,90 Regular price€262,13
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Mini Red Rose BushMini Red Rose Bush

Artificial plant 27cm

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Recycled pot 17,5cm

Sale price€17,80 Regular price€23,99
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Artificial plant 50 cm

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Accordion BasketAccordion Basket

Wicker pot 21cm

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Singonio ArrowSingonio Arrow

Artificial plant 19,5cm

Sale price€20,99 Regular price€28,23
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Artificial plant 32cm

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Mila TurquoiseMila Turquoise

Plastic pot 12.5cm

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Anthurium garlandAnthurium garland

Anthurium garland 110cm

Sale price€22,99 Regular price€29,99