Ficus Bicolor

Ficus Bicolour 150cm-180cm with plastic pot

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Size: 100cm

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One of the most popular ornamental plants throughout the European continent and, in the case of countries adjacent to the Mediterranean, it can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. It is the official tree of Bangkok, Thailand. It is native to Southeast Asia and northern Australia.

Discover the exotic elegance of our Artificial Ficus Bicolor, a botanical jewel that will fill your space with style and distinction. This stunning replica has been meticulously crafted to capture the essence and beauty of the real Ficus Bicolor, without the need to worry about care and maintenance.

Each leaf of our Artificial Ficus Bicolor has been carefully designed to reflect the distinctive detail and texture of the original plant. Leaves in contrasting shades of dark green and light green create a striking visual impact and add a touch of drama to any environment. The lush, leafy foliage creates a lush, eye-catching appearance.

*In some cases, the images and colours are merely indicative. The measurements are always approximate to those shown in the product description, as it depends on how the plant and leaves open. To know the size your plant will have we mark it in centimetres and they are taken from the bottom base of the pot to the longest/heightest end of the plant.
**All plants arrive with a black plastic pot. The pots and accessories in the photographs are not included with the plant.

Ficus Bicolor
Ficus Bicolor Sale priceFrom €52,84 Regular price€85,13

100cm | 150cm | 180cm


60cm |80cm | 80cm

Pot height:

17cm | 17cm | 17cm

Pot diameter:

18cm |18cm | 18cm

+20,000 satisfied customers

No care

We work with the best materials. Products in latex, silk, silicone, recyclable plastic and fabrics. We achieve hyper-realistic textures and colours.


Professional team of florists and designers. We design long-lasting artificial plants and bouquets thinking of you and your needs.


Use of recyclable and natural materials in the design of our plants. Circular economy model taking care of the environment.

"Handmade artificial plants that decorate in the most natural way"

Realistic finishes

Leaves and stems made of recyclable plastic. Embossed and printed leaves that recreate the veins for a more authentic finish.

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