Olive tree

Artificial Olive tree 100-180cm with plastic pot

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Beautify your space with the timeless elegance of the artificial olive tree. Our impeccable replica captures the essence of this iconic tree with exceptional detail and realism. Each branch and leaf has been carefully designed to reflect the texture and colour of the real olive tree, bringing the effortless beauty of nature into your home. The artificial olive tree is the perfect solution for those who wish to enjoy the exquisite presence of the olive tree without the hassle of maintenance. Whether you want to create a Mediterranean atmosphere on your terrace or add a touch of charm to your living room, this artificial olive tree is the ideal choice. In addition to its realistic appearance, our artificial olive tree offers durability and ease of care. Forget about watering, pruning or worrying about pests, and enjoy its beauty all year round. Its serene presence and elegant demeanour will transport you to the olive groves in any season. Add a touch of sophistication and warmth to your décor with our artificial olive tree. Every corner of your home will come alive with its presence. Enjoy natural beauty effortlessly with our artificial olive tree, a choice that will captivate your senses and delight all who see it.

*In some cases, the images and colours are merely indicative. The measurements are always approximate to those shown in the product description, as they depend on how the plant and leaves open up. To know the size that your plant will have we mark it in centimetres and they are taken from the bottom base of the pot to the longest/heightest end of the plant.

Olive tree
Olive tree Sale priceFrom €84,99 Regular price€110,15

100cm | 170cm


75cm | 75cm

Pot height:

17cm | 17cm

Pot diameter:

18cm | 18cm

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We work with the best materials. Products in latex, silk, silicone, recyclable plastic and fabrics. We achieve hyper-realistic textures and colours.


Professional team of florists and designers. We design long-lasting artificial plants and bouquets with you and your needs in mind.


Use of recyclable and natural materials in the design of our plants. Circular economy model that takes care of the environment.

"Handmade artificial plants that decorate in the most natural way"

Realistic finishes

Leaves and stems made of recyclable plastic. Embossed on the underside to recreate the veins in the leaves for a more authentic finish.

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